Thats your smtproutes file

Tells the mailserver where to deliver mail for Yourdomain, which the pix is forwarding to Exchange.


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maybe stupid question, but :
how mailserver to know where is internal mailserver (exchange)??

situation, for example :
mail server ip :
pix external ip :
pix internal ip :
internal mail server ( exchange ) :

what i need to configure in mailserver ??

p.s pix accept incoming smtp connection from (external mail server)
to (internal exchange)


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Try putting the IP address in square brackets like[]


No, there is no need to do that.

I manage 50 or more external domains (for anti-virus/anti-spam
applications) and you do not need the square brackets.




If there is no dns available, not using the brackets can cause issues I
have found. I just use the brackets by default when using private IP
space in particular.

Taken directly from man qmail-remote

The  remote  host  is  qmail-remote's first argument, host.
qmail-remote sends the message to host, or to a mail exchanger for host
listed in the
Domain Name System, via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
host can be either a fully-qualified domain name:


      or an IP address enclosed in brackets:


Cool, learn something new every day. Guess I never got bitten by it as
all the IPs I use are public.



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