it seems that (at least with version 5.4.17) the username length with mysql authentication has been limited to 32 characters and the domain part to 64 characters; vpopmail.pw_name char(32), vpopmail.pw_domain(64), valias.alias char(32), valias.domain char(64). The SMTP RFC allows for a local-name part of an email address to be 64 characters and domain to be 255 characters long.

Has this been addressed in later versions of vpopmail, and can it safely be fixed by altering these table fields to have corresponding longer lengths?
ie. does it break something in vchkpw (or qmailadmin)?
Found some references on the list mentioning limits in vpopmail.h:

#define MAX_PW_NAME         32
#define MAX_PW_DOMAIN       64

Are these still valid and therefore require changes to the code and recompilation in order to conform with the RFC?

  Antti Kanes, Innoventum


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