Paul Oehler wrote:

We're seeing vchkpw segfault seemingly at random during pop3
authentication, but only on CentOS 5 x86_64.  The result is pop3
authentication failing randomly.  CentOS 5 32 bit and CentOS 4 64
and 32 bit do not exhibit this behavior, with the same vpopmail code
base (5.4.9).  This is admittidly not the newest vpopmail version -
does this problem sound familiar to anyone and do you recall it
being fixed in one of the newer versions?

It appears to be related to the "softlimit" command that is used in
the invocation of pop3.  Attempting to raise the softlimit -m
parameter to very high values (as high as 512000000) does not
prevent the segfault, however, removing the softlimit line entirely
does prevent the segfaults.  Also, copying the vchkpw binary
compiled on a 32 bit CentOS 5 OS to the 64 bit install also "fixes"
the problem.

You might want to try recompiling everything with out any compiler
optimization flags like -O or -O2.

We've seen some 64 bit systems have problems if -OX is enabled.
With the -O options removed and everything recompiled the problems
went away.

Thanks for the suggestion Ken. I finally got around to testing this, and unfortunatly the vchkpw segfaults continue even after recompiling without any compiler optimization flags.

The error in the messages log looks like this:

kernel: vchkpw[7073]: segfault at ffffffffffffffb8 rip 000000000047e84c rsp 00007ffff8eaf898 error 6

Anybody have any tips on how to debug this further?



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