I’m working in J2EE environment, making calls to vpopmail C methods using JNI. I have a strange behaviour during creation of vpopmail user: the values of quota in maildirsize file are always setted to domain default value, instead of current values specified at user creation time.
I first call
vadduser(username, domain, password, gecos, apop)
and then
vauth_setpw(a_vqpasswd, cdomain);
where a_vqpasswd, is a struct containing also pw_shell field.

I created my domain with this settings: more .qmailadmin-limits
maxpopaccounts: 10
maxaliases: 1
maxforwards: 1
maxautoresponders: 1
maxmailinglists: 1
quota: 50
maxmsgcount: 1000
default_quota: 32170312
default_maxmsgcount: 1000
perm_account: 0
perm_alias: 0
perm_forward: 0
perm_autoresponder: 0
perm_maillist: 0
perm_quota: 0
perm_defaultquota: 0

Then I added a new user with this value for quota: 50.68MB,1000C.
I printed value passed to pw_shell parameter and it seems to be correct:
pw_shell = 53141832S,1000C

If I use vuserinfo I find correct values for myuser: ./vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
name: myuser
dir: /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.it/myuser
quota: 53141832S,1000C
usage: 0%
account created: Wed Oct 22 21:16:54 2008
last auth: Never logged in

But when I look into maildirsize file I find a wrong value, because I find the default quota
more /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.it/myuser/Maildir/maildirsize
0 0

Could you help me to find where I go wrong?

Best Regards

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