I know, it's not a specific vpopmail question, more of a "how to make dovecot work better with vpopmail?" kind of help shout.

Here it is:
Does anyone know if there has been done any more work towards making dovecot compliant with vpopmail's roaming users functionality? I have seen a patch posted on this mailing list in december 2007, but it was for an older version of dovecot. Does anyone know if that patch (Ed, can you help me out?) is still appliable to the current stable version (1.1.5)?

I need to add imap to a production server that only offers pop3 access to customers at the moment. The server in question was setup a number of years ago, so everything is a bit old. That's why i want to avoid recompiling qmail to add smtp-auth capability (an operation i do not master yet).

If you're going to ask "why dovecot?", the answer is simple: courier-imap can no longer authenticate against vpopmail, and it's been mentioned quite a few times in this mailing list that dovecot is a much better alternative. But, if you can suggest another imap server that meets the criteria (GNU licensed, not a nightmare to set up, can work well with qmail+vpopmail, has maildirquota++ support, doesn't break vpopmail's roaming users) please do!



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