Kis Peter ha scritto:

I noticed, that "chkuser_settings.h" contains a setting called "wait for each not existing recipient."

CHKUSER_ERROR_DELAY (Delay, expressed in milliseconds, to wait for each not existing recipient)
default value=  1000

Why is it needed?

Together with other limits 8above all *CHKUSER_WRONGRCPT_LIMIT_VARIABLE*) , it can help avoid mass testing on recipients. Without delay, thousands of checks may be done easily. With this delay on wrong checks, mass testings are slower and not convenient.
Why it has to sleep a vpopmail connection for 1000 ms?

Can it be zero instead of 1000 ms?

Yes, it can be zero or undefined.
But I suggest to use *CHKUSER_ERROR_DELAY_INCREASE*, which keeps growing as more and more not existing recipients are checked.




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