Hi List,

We used this in our previous system, a dot-qmail file to move tagged spam to 
other folder

|if [[ -n `sed -n -e '/^X-Spam: yes/p' -e'/^$/q' ]]; then maildirdeliver 
./Maildir/.Bulk/;exit 99; fi

Now i meant to use quota

|if [[ -n `sed -n -e '/^X-Spam: yes/p' -e'/^$/q' ]]; then deliverquota -c 
./Maildir/.Bulk/;exit 99;fi

I got zero size file mail in .Bulk folder

Is there any better script ?

I can do it with condtomaildir from qtools package, but it has no maildirquota 

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Geri Anggara
NOC IndoInternet Jakarta


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