Hello everybody,

i got some setup here with qmail 1.03 + jms patch 7.06 and dovecot as
imap/pop server. for virtual domains/users i use vpopmail 5.4.26_1. all
on freebsd 6.3

receiving messages from other servers works fine. only sending messages
with authentication is still a problem.  allways i try auth via smtp it
doesn't work. in the log appear errors like:

vpopmail[92902]: vchkpw-smtps: vpopmail user not found

where [EMAIL PROTECTED] is the user i try to authenticate...

the funny part is that vpopmail seems to work somehow cause i can get
mails via imap and pop using dovecot (same user!) which of course uses
vpopmail for authentication...

i really had a look at all google hits, but didn't find a solution (only
people with same problem)

thank you for help! Michael


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