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i have installed dovecot with apt-get install dovecot (and all dependicies). I want to use dovecot with vpopmail authentification, but all i have found with google doesn't help me. Someone can help me with the dovecot configuration ? I think i have forget something, but i don't find what.

I bet you end up having to compile it because they don't compile in vpopmail authentication... :(

This is a snippet from a future version of Bill Shupp's toaster for installing Dovecot. It is only tested on OpenSuSE 11.0, but should be close for others. You may have to do things a little differently installing the run file and the links in the rc*.d directories. The configuration file patch and runfile for SuSE Linux are attached.


Hi rick,

thanks for your help, i will try it after chrismas.

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