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I've tagged the current CVS HEAD as version 5.4.27, a development release.  It 
is available for download.
I realize that there was a plan to rename this a 5.x series, but the changes 
provided currently are relatively
minimal.  The reason for tagging a new development version is to get everyone 
who is involved in using the
development tree, on the same page.

I'd rather the bugs and patches in the tracker be related to the latest CVS 
HEAD, so we can all start from
the same point.  I know there are people who are using the development branch 
as their primary version.
I'd like to see those people upgrade to 5.4.27 so we can start reporting and 
fixing issues looking forward
to a new stable release.

At that point, I think looking for a 5.5.x version would be good.  My specific 
code contribution goal for 5.x
will be a new, real-time, per-user and per-domain quota system.  I will have 
more details about this particular
feature as my concept code comes together and becomes more robust.  I would 
also like to see all the set buffer
sizes reworked, standardized, or replaced completely with dynamically allocated 
buffers which are safer,
and provide better future-proofing support.

Anyhow, I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers by tagging 5.4.x instead of 5.5.x.  
I'm hoping 5.4.27-stable
and 5.5.0-devel are not too far off.

Please, please, please, if you're running a devel version, and can afford to, 
move to 5.4.27, and post
bugs and patches.

Thank you!

PS: I still plan to move to Subversion on Monday or Tuesday
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