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vch...@developersdesk.com wrote:
> I've now compiled and installed on a 64 bit machine.  This is a low usage
> live server, and seems to be working.  I use the CDB back end on all of my
> installs.  I did not need to use any of the tricks that used to be
> required to get older versions to compile on a 64 bit processor.  I
> believe the 64 bit problems were fixed sometime after 5.4.18 when I
> switched build system files to something created after 64 bit processors
> became popular.

Good to hear.  We're getting closer to a stable tag :)

> I have spotted one small problem...  On both of these installs the first
> thing  make  did was run aclocal then run ./configure again.  I believe
> this is a bug in the files created by the gnu build system.  The fix may
> be to run the following:

Thanks for the heads up.

> If you haven't done the svn conversion yet, you might want to fix this
> before you do.  Build system file updates are messy since we have many of
> the output files in cvs/svn.

I'm not sure doing this inside the version control system is a good idea.
More important would be to do this before tagging a version and creating
a file release.
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