Matt Brookings wrote:
My current TODO:
  * Disk updates must be deferrable; maybe with threading
  * Statistics gathering like average disk poll time, biggest poll time, 
shortest poll time, etc

As you can see, the deferring updates is not yet implemented.  The performance 
I'm currently
seeing is acceptable, but it would probably not cut it on a *very* large system 
with many absent
users and catchalls collecting gigs of email in a single directory.

I hope to release a beta to developers once the deferring code is ready.

Opinions on this? :)

Not sure what opinions you want, programmatic or project worthiness 8^)

In the last two years we and other ISPs we know have dropped any hope of quotas. Disk space is cheap, and clients want unlimited space because, "All the online email services have no limit!".

While we still have quotas, I am pretty much asked by the account manager to increase them every time a client exceeds the limit. I see the quotas going away soon.


The whole internet thing is sucking the life out of me,
there ain't no pony in there.


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