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DAve wrote:
> In the last two years we and other ISPs we know have dropped any hope of
> quotas. Disk space is cheap, and clients want unlimited space because,
> "All the online email services have no limit!".
> While we still have quotas, I am pretty much asked by the account
> manager to increase them every time a client exceeds the limit. I see
> the quotas going away soon.

While there may be some select providers to whom disk space is meaningless,
I'd venture a bet that at least 50% of providers are going to want to limit
their users and domains to a certain, reasonable, amount of storage.

Either way, this usage server is coming along nicely, but is also keeping me
a bit busy.  I will be leaving for a short vacation but when I return, I will
be doing the CVS to Subversion conversion, as well as trying to release a beta
usage server for developers to play around with if they see fit.

Thanks for your input though!
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