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Earlier than I expected, I have the first beta available for the usage daemon.  
If you're
interested in checking it out, here's what I'd *like* to see out of testers:

  1) An active, production mail server to test on
  2) Mail server with greater than 150 active users

What would be great:

  1) Mail server with greater than 5000 active users
  2) C development experience

..even better:

  1) A system that is overloaded and overburdened whether due to mail volume, 
disk I/O,
     or hardware that can't keep up

Mainly, all I want is for people to run the daemon on their server.  If you 
want to patch
your qmail-smtpd or vdelivermail to enforce quotas, or at the very least, query 
the server,
that would be even better.  The client API is very easy to use.

Currently, at startup, the daemon will go into a mode where it will hastily try 
to load as
much information as it can about the system usage.  After it's completed this 
task, it will
try to slow down and use fewer resources to complete it's job.

I'd like testers to monitor stage two for CPU usage, but most importantly, disk 
I/O time.  If
you notice the process eating tons of disk I/O, I'd like to know so I can get 
some info from you
about the system and possibly try to determine why the I/O was so high.  The 
goal here is to
use as little disk I/O while estimating disk usage for users and domains.

What testers should know is that this is beta code, and this beta code has been 
tested on
several development and production systems without problems, but that I can't 
guarantee that
it won't go wild on the disk on an untested system.  You should also know that 
I believe this
will be a fairly uneventful test :) Hopefully it runs, and you play with the 
provided client
program to get information on your users and domains, and it responds nicely 
and doesn't bother
your system at all.

Normally I would just release the code publicly for everyone, but I want to be 
able to have
some detailed dialogue with whomever is running it if need be and get any ideas 
for changes that
need to occur in the structure of the program before making any public release.

So, to anyone who is interested, please email me off-list with details of the 
system or systems
you plan to test it on, and to those who are interested and can't or don't want 
to test, I hope
to have this made available soon.

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