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   Added support for listening on an IP and port for connections
   Fixed bug in socket_read that would call socket_write with free'd ptr
   Fixed bug in user_verify that called userstore_usage with NULL ptr
   Added support for Socket::Allow configuration
   Added rejection of source IPs not explicitly allowed
   Added user_get_usage to solve non-thread-safe vpopmail issue
   Added domain_get_usage to solve non-thread-safe vpopmail issue
   Updated query_parse to use user_get_usage and domain_get_usage
   Updated query_parse to convert values to network byte order
   Updated client_query to convert values to local byte order
   Fixed bug in socket_read which evaluated a free'd ptr after socket_write
   Updated socket_write not to complain about EPIPE write error
   Updated directory_filesize not to return an error when ENOENT
   Upgraded uthash from 1.4 to 1.5
   Removed ENOENT stat failure reporting from userstore_poll
   Set directory_filesize inline
   Updated directory_filesize to use strtoll on original string instead of 
atoll on a copied buffer


   * While the server can listen on a TCP port, the client cannot yet connect 
on a TCP port.
     Continue using the unix domain socket for the time being

   * Major portion of this release is speed tweaks and bugfixes

   * This release works best with the vpopmail trunk revision from the 
Sourceforge SVN server
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