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The latest development (and now, v1 release candidate) version can be found at:



   Added ASSERT_DEBUG debugging to cache.c
   Added new function userstore_free_directory which deallocates user 
directories and sets usage to 0
   Updated userstore_poll to call userstore_free_directory if stat on user 
Maildir fails
   Updated queue_controller only to call user_verify if no userstore 
directories are present
   Added config_begin which looks for a configuration file in several locations
   Updated vusaged main to use config_begin
   Added vusagec.conf
   Added ippp.c which does PORT:IP pair handling
   Updated socket.c to use ippp_parse
   Updated client API to use a pointer to a client handle rather than an 
integer handle
   Updated client API to read vusagec.conf for server communication settings
   Updated client API to support networked socket connections
   Added support for newuser learning queue
   Added queue_check_newuser to add to newuser learning queue

   * The configuration parsing code now automatically looks under ~vpopmail/etc 
for configuration
     files before checking local directories

   * The client API now also recognizes a vusagec.conf.  You should be sure to 
configure this to
     match vusaged.conf's socket settings, and is located in the same place as 

   * Use a socket file rather than a networked socket unless you're in a 
clustered configuration.
     A network socket is a bit slower than a unix socket

   * No bugs discovered or reported from 0.0.6 to 1.0.0-rc1 -- Please let me 
know if you find any

   * Any custom patches using the client API will need to update their code.  
The client API handle
     is now a "void *" rather than an "int".

Hoping for a v1.0.0 release here shortly so that I can continue on with 
vpopmail-related work.  Once
v1 is nailed down, I'll begin adding vusage client API support into vpopmail's 
quota code which will
be step 1 of fixing the quota issues within vpopmail.

Please note that I said "support".  The original quota code will remain for the 
time being.  If you
choose to upgrade to a newer development version, you will not be required to 
run the vpopmail usage

As always, I would love to hear from anyone who is running the vusage daemon, 
even if all it's doing
is running, and not answering queries.
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