I may be a little out of date, but since I assume altering quota support
would mean altering vdelivermail as well - can we 'add dovecot support'
into vdelivermail?

I have slow large POP mailboxes - due to Dovecot's indexes/uid
gathering.  I can't replace vdelivermail with dovecot's deliver to fix
that because of how I've done some things.  As I understand it, another
possible way to speed POP up is to add the ,W=<vsize> to Maildir
filenames which I don't currently have done.

It seems the vsize option could be a quick fix/implementation, but
updating indexes in the long run would be great.

I wonder if the index part of Dovecot is modular... I wouldn't want to
cross post - at least not at this point.


On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 10:06 -0500, Matt Brookings wrote:
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> It's a sad tale, but a true one.  We're all probably aware that Courier-MTA 
> has dropped support for vpopmail.
> This has forced many of us to move to the speedier, and in my opinion, 
> overall better, Dovecot package --An easy
> move indeed.
> While working on implementation of the updated quota code, which involved 
> wading through hundreds of lines
> of code hacked and slashed out of Courier-MTA's libraries to provide support 
> for Courier-IMAP, I realized
> what a good thing this could be.
> Dovecot's quota system does not require Maildir++ support inherently.  The 
> vpopmail library, now compiled in
> with vusage support, can provide a quick plugin to Dovecot that totally 
> removes the requirement of writing
> and reading the maildirsize files.
> My question is this: Courier-IMAP has dropped us, should we drop Courier-IMAP?
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