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Tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
Quota code would be great, but I feel it would be better to move index
of messages and quota on mysql (or other db) instead of continuing with
old methods. A new library could be used for all layers (qmail,
vpopmail, dovecot, etc.).

I can't imaging that indexing of every user's messages inside a networked
database could be very efficient.  Also, moving quota information to a
database would also be quite inefficient.
Actually IMAP o POP daemons which extract from, subject, date and size size must open every message to get those informations. Also, an update of a db record could be faster than opening, reading and rewriting a maildirsize file (and this cannot be done by two sessions simultaneosly). A centralized daemon working on quota updates also could give an anourmous advantage, keeping in cache most used domains and users and updating 'custom' mysql records (where domain quota could be used).


The daemon's only purpose at
this time is to keep disk usage information up to date so that other processes
do not need to worry about updating it, or hitting a database for every
small query that might even be unrelated to delivery, an expensive
operation itself.

It solves several problems at once.  1) Provides fast, and accurate disk
usage 2) Removes hundreds of lines of broken code from vpopmail involved
in keeping disk usage estimates current

It also adds direction to the quota support development which was sorely

Such vusage daemon would be very good for chkuser also, and also for
other qmail added features (like auth and so on).
But library should be universal, and daemon should be high performaces
daemon (like courier auth daemon).

What do you think about?

The daemon could easily be reworked to cache authentication information,
but currently, that is not the purpose of the daemon.  Right now, having
working quota enforcement is a critical need.

At this time, what I'd most like to see, is support in chkuser for the
quota daemon.  You already include quota enforcement.  If you look at
the trunk revision of vpopmail, in maildirquota.c, you will see how
easy it is to add support for the usage daemon.
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