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Tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
>> Actually IMAP o POP daemons which extract from, subject, date and size
>> size must open every message to get those informations.

While I understand where you're coming from, it's just not the path the
daemon is currently taking.  In the future, once all the base features
are working, we can consider adding other features such as the ones you're

The daemon was designed with query structure in mind, for future versions
where queries might cause query branching (eg, Commands).

>> Also, an update of a db record could be faster than opening, reading and
>> rewriting a maildirsize file (and this cannot be done by two sessions
>> simultaneosly).
>> A centralized daemon working on quota updates also could give an
>> anourmous advantage, keeping in cache most used domains and users and
>> updating 'custom' mysql records (where domain quota could be used).

That is what this daemon does.  It replaces the 'maildirsize' functionality,
which is slow and inefficiently designed, and requires that multiple processes
work on a single file.

The only thing it does NOT do, because it is also inefficient, is to keep a
networked database updated.  The daemon itself is the networked database, but
because it does not need to parse complicated SQL statements and provide 
database locking schemes, it can provide much faster access to information.

The one thing it cannot do currently, is keep information saved if the daemon 
down.  This will be remedied later once the current codebase is deemed stable.
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