On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 13:17 -0500, Matt Brookings wrote:
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> Rick Romero wrote:
> > I was considering changing vdelivermail to have a stdout option, where
> > you could pipe from vdelivermail to Dovecot's deliver for 'final'
> > delivery instead of direct to Maildir within your .qmail-default file.
> > That 'should' allow everything else to occur normally, but get those
> > indexes updated as well.  I think just 'HOME' needs to be exported, but
> > I haven't tested it yet.
> Is there a way to update Dovecot's indexes without having it handle delivery?
> In that case, we could easily add support for this into vpopmail.

Not very easily from the the reply I got, and what I know of it.  Just
determining where the indexes are kept (local/NFS) affects what happens
with file opens in the background.

It's all really quite intertwined, and at this time there isn't an easy
API call to 'update indexes'.  :/



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