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Hi all,

This might not be exactly the right mailing list for this question, but as
the tricky part of the installation has previously been that of vchkpw and
mysql authentication, I'll bother you guys with my situation. Sorry if it
seems rather off-topic:

We're in the process of renewing one of our email servers, currently running
qmail (1.03) + vpopmail (5.4.17) + vqadmin (2.3.6)  + qmailadmin (1.2.11) +
courier-imap (3.0.8) + mailddrop (2.0.4) + ezmlm (0.53-idx-0.41) +
autorespond (2.0.2) + rblsmtpd, using mysql authentication and
pop-before-smtp, qmail-scanner (2.04) for clamav, spamassassin.
Any suggestions of which versions (or alternatives) to use in a production
environment at this point?

Quite some good choices for me. You'll have to migrate from courier-imap to dovecot but others are really good software.

What kind of environment are others using for multi-site mailservers,
requiring web based tools for managing the domains (=vqadmin) and email
accounts (=qmailadmin), with imap/pop3 and webmail support (we're running
IMP on the webmail front)?

What do you mean by 'multi-site' ?
Every webmail today is using imap so you can replicate it anywhere, not a 
The admin console (vqadmin/qmailadmin) have to be installed on the same server or via an NFS export (which is what we're doing).

As I recall, the mysql authentication was rather problematic with the
current setup, on the part of courier-imap at least.

What is your problem with mysql backend ?

Will the current versions work smoothly with the authentication? Have there
been any (significant) changes that would necessitate some kind of migration
of the current data (as opposed to just building new versions of the
software and copying existing data from the old server)?

I don't think so. All is relying on vpopmail which has been longtime asleep.
Thing are moving but I recommend you to not use any end-2008/early-2009 version (except for security patches, of course).

Also, any ideas if qmail supports smtp-auth out of the box these days? (so
we could finally dump the pop-before-smtp)

Yeah, simply use the milkys md-patch.
You'll have TONS of auth schemes and methods (with multiceckpw).

Again, sorry if this is off-topic; If someone does find time to answer me, I
suppose it'd be better to do so just to my address, outside the mailing list

No prob. I think this will be useful. A little remain from time to time.

Have fun with vpopmail.

Julien Escario

P.S. : I'm happy to see vpopmail's dev to go forward. This software is great and really used around the w(orld)eb so seeing it disapear would be really annoying.


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