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aledr wrote:
> Good day Matt!

I do not mind you emailing me privately, but I'd rather see this traffic on the 
for people's input as well.

I've CC'd the list in my reply.

> I sent a small patch to the tracker, but It will not work at all. I
> think you hadn't the time to see yet.

You uploaded a patch to the tracker that doesn't work?

> I've done some deeper changes on my local environment and after
> contact Timo, he improved the option "--with-vpopmail" on dovecot to
> allow the changes to FHS. You can see It here[1].
> As I said, the changes will result on an improvement on
> "--enable-non-root-build" to not check for vpopmail's user and group
> and these paths:
> Binaries will all go to:
>    /usr/bin/*
> Configuration:
>    /etc/vpopmail/vpopmail.mysql
>    /etc/vpopmail/vlimits.default
> Libs:
>    /usr/lib(64)/vpopmail/inc_deps
>    /usr/lib(64)/vpopmail/lib_deps
>    /usr/lib(64)/vpopmail/libvpopmail.a
> Includes:
>    /usr/include/vpopmail_config.h
>    /usr/include/vpopmail.h
> Domains and user's mailbox:
>    /var/spool/vpopmail/domains
> My real aim is to provide a "clean" way to package vpopmail for RPM
> based distros. I'm already doing It for openSUSE here[2], on my home
> repo.
> Can these changes be real on vpopmail or should I just make it myself
> and keep it with me?

I guess my original thoughts with the 'non-root' build were that you
would be compiling vpopmail as a non-root user.  I have no problems with
the FHS compliance options.

You cannot use the 'non-root-build' flag for your patch as it is already
used to allow someone to build the package when not the root user.

> I'm just asking it again to avoid spent time sending patches to
> changes I'll not see on the Inter7's vpopmail and should kept local.

I wouldn't mind having the FHS as an option during the build, however,
I'd rather it be implemented in a more autotools friendly way where
you can set the individual locations of things like the domains
directory, include directory, etc.

vpopmail currently assumes many of these are subdirectories of it's
home directory.  Once that assumption has been taken out of play, it
would work.

So, you'd need options for --enable-bindir=, --enable-etcdir, or what-have-you.
Then, finally, you could have an --enable-fhs-compliant which could 
set these values.

Furthermore, these changes will need to be made against the 5.5 tree.  5.4 is 
with only bug fixes being allowed in.
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