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We've had the same sort of concerns regarding FHS compliance (and
eas-of-package-building) for some time, and have had a set of patches
within our RPM that have proved effective for us. I have not tested them
with 5.4.28, however... I'd be grateful to anyone who could do (especially
in isolation from our other patches).

They might be useful for others on the list as well. Details below.


Japheth Cleaver

# Instead of vpopmail's home directory, use standard FHS locations:
# bindir, localstatedir, and sysconfdir for files (patches configure.in
and code)
Patch1: vpopmail.use-std-locations.5.4.19.patch

# Modify makefile to deal with our above changes (patches Makefile.am)
Patch2: vpopmail.use-std-locations-makefile.patch

# Documentation changes for patches 1 and 2
Patch3: vpopmail.use-std-locations-documentation.patch

# Make vpopmail's configure rpmbuild-friendly

# Don't verify that the qmail binaries are actually installed
# at configure time

# Same goes for tcpserver/tcprules

# Look in /usr/{s}bin before /usr/local or {qmailHome}/bin when finding
# tcprules and qmail binaries

# Ensure that all checks for libs are compatible with x86_64 (/usr/lib64)
Patch11: vpopmail.x86_64libs.patch

# Why are mysql libs being checked using the same variable as libdir?
Patch12: vpopmail.sanemysqllibs.patch


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