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Major change since last snapshot is backend module support.

Below is the current ChangeLog:

5.5.0 - Current
  Matt Brookings
  - Updated build scripts considerably
  - Updated to build vusaged
  - Fixed some format string bugs
  - Updated config code to use VPOPMAILDIR rather than getpwnam(vpopmail)
  - New quota functions added in quota.c
  - Updated vdominfo and vuserinfo to show more detailed quota statistics and 
to use new quota API
  - Updated vdelivermail to use new quota API
  - Added warnings in functions that utilize old quota code to help identify 
changes that need to be made
  - Added new more efficient, safer alternatives to current vpopmail API to be 
fully replaced later
  - Updated vdeloldusers to allow option to ignore users with .qmail file
  - Updated to build and install libvpopmail.so
  - Added backend module support
  - Updated CDB module
  - Updated MySQL module
  - Updated LDAP module
  - Updated PostgreSQL module
  - Updated vuserinfo to always show usage
  - Updated vauthmodule.h to be included by vauth.h except if VAUTH_MODULE is 
  - Defined VAUTH_MODULE under working modules
  - Updated module code to automatically call vauth_load_module and to catch 
calls to vauth_open and vclose

  Luis Felipe
  - Updated to provide maildrop flag in vlimits MySQL

  aledr <matrixworkstat...@gmail.com>
  - Fixed input formatting in vpopmaild
  - Fixed bounds issue in vdelivermail
  - Updated MySQL module to use "INSERT INTO .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" 
instead of "REPLACE INTO"

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