I have worked extensively last few months in building RPM for my project. So
I can work with anyone who is doing this for vpopmail.
For the RPM installation, it is a good practice to set the permission for
every file/directory under the %files section. It shouldn't be done under
%pre or %post section because then the RPM cannot figure out the permissions
till it runs the script under %pre or %post section.
Example of how the entries should be

%dir %attr(555,vpopmail,vchkpw)  %{_prefix}
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/vadduser
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/printdir
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/vdeluser
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/vbulletin
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/vdominfo
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/vadddomain
%attr(4555,root,root)                     %{_prefix}/bin/vdeldomain

Regards Manvendra - http://www.indimail.org
Sent from Tamil Nadu, India


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