Thanks a lot for clarifying. Now that all incoming mails irrespective
of any from addresses are to be archived. What i found while searching on
Google is, modify the taps patch and use it to archive outgoing mails for
each id's and forward with save a copy option for incoming mails and when
this extended patch is applied, the taps file will look like

But, my version is qmt ISO and can you please help us achieve this.

Warm Regards,
Prasad Asokan.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 7:52 PM, Matt Brookings <m...@inter7.com> wrote:

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> Prasad Asokan wrote:
> >              I have been using qmail taps for a while now and i have
> > observed that, it taps incoming mails and outgoing mails, but it does
> > not archive incoming mails from the same domain. ie when a mail is sent
> > to us...@example.com <mailto:us...@example.com> from gmail.com
> > <http://gmail.com>, the incoming mail is archived, but when mail is sent
> > from us...@example.com <mailto:us...@example.com> to us...@example.com
> > <mailto:us...@example.com>, the us...@example.com
> > <mailto:us...@example.com> mail is not archived in it's corresponding
> > backup id. Can you please help me out to overcome this issue.
> This isn't really the list for this, but to answer your clarification
> request,
> qtap is not set to *not* copy anything.  It copies what you set it to copy,
> and that would include user1 to user2 if your taps covered it.
> Format for taps is <source regex>:<destination>.  If the source regular
> expression
> matches the envelope sender or any recipient, destination will be BCC'd on
> the message.
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