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I'm preparing to migrate a server (hardware's getting old). Three years ago I've done the same thing (from 5.4.x with x < 10 to 5.4.13), however, the contents of the server were split over two different new servers. There were at that time some problems with migrating.

During the migration I've changed the hostname of the server, from mail.example.com to pop1.mail.example.com and pop2.mail.example.com. I can remember there were some problems from users by getting their mail (through qmail-pop3d). At that time, I've changed the server's hostname back to mail.example.com (at both servers), and every mail could be reached smoothly again by our customers.

Nowadays both servers are still called mail.example.com. However, I finally want to get rid of those names. So I was wondering what could have caused these problems?

vdelivermail generates the mail's new filename, based on the hostname, process id, timestamp and perhaps the Maildir++'s 'S=yyyy'. I was wondering whether any of the delivery agents (such qmail-pop3d or bincimap) makes use of the hostname to give out such mails.

Or was this maybe a misbehavior of vpopmail around those version numbers.

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Harm van Tilborg


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