I'm not certain there is a tool for that. You could write a script that pulls 
out the ldap attribute you're looking for at a given interval and add anything 
that is missing. Most likely you're going to need to do some scripting here to 
get what you want.

I am aware of an Inter7 Global Address Book, but have no idea what features it 


Check it out, maybe it does what you need, or can be modified to suit your 



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> Re: [vchkpw] How to run phpldapadmin with vpopmail together ?in fact, I
> don't want ldap authentication instead of cdb. Merely I want to use
> phpldapadmin for address book.
> phpldapadmin is useful for that. But I don't also want to add a mail
> address
> qmailadmin again, after I add that mail addres using phpldapadmin for
> address book.
> I don't want to do a job twice.
> How can I find a tool for it ?
> > I would imagine you'd need to use ldap authentication rather than
> cdb. But
> > phpldapadmin doesn't work with vpopmail in the way you're wanting as
> far
> > as I > > > know.
> > HTH,
> > Tren


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