hello rick,

yes i have two points why i dont use bounce-no-mailbox.
one is dictionary based spamming, meaning that if one
tries out hard enough, he will, by scanning with lots of
recipients, find out what valid user accounts exist on my
server. the other one is the problem called backscatter,
sending spam by bouncing back. although there seems to
be a patch in the wild for the latter.

however, if the patch you mention would deny the
communication, instead of reject the email, i would
certainly use it.

regards, stephan

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d...@stean.ch wrote:
hello there,

i am using vpopmail 5.4.17 with cdb backend and i would like to know
if there are some real logging capabilities for it.

i have a rather big tool chain installed on the server around qmail
and i need to have an overview of what happens with all the e-mails.
this includes the path they took through that chain until they land
inside the users maildir, or the reason and location they got
rejected (spam,...).

now, using for example vdelivermail with the option delete, qmail
will log in either way that the delivery was successful, however,
for the overall statistics i get a wrong result, because delete
mail (wrong recipient) is not the same than a mail delivered to an
existing account.

as far as i know vdelivermail does not log anything? any plans for
this ?

You should really have the chkuser qmail patch installed and use bounce-no-mailbox instead of delete.

Is there a reason why you are using delete rather than rejecting unknown users in the smtp conversation ?




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