Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
Hi all, i have a few questions about domain-wide aliases.

1. I understand that vaddaliasdomain creates a domain wide alias, but am not sure what deletes them. As far as i understand valias is used for individual aliases. Do i use vdeldomain <aliasdomain> to delete the alias domain? if not, what do i use?

Correct, vdeldomain is the correct way to remove a domain alias

2. What happens to the alias domains if the main domain is deleted with vdeldomain, are they also deleted or do they remain in the configuration ?

Not in the version I am running, it may in new versions. I'd always try and delete the alias before deleting the main domain.

3. Am I correct in assuming that the aliased domain cannot be used for authentication? (MySQL backend?)

The alias domain should be able to be used for authentication. It is an alias. Both the main and aliased domain should be able to be used.




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