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Harm van Tilborg wrote:
> Well, I haven't checked other vpopmail binaries, since qmail was still
> off at that moment. But at least vusaged was rejecting to run because of
>  it couldn't find libvpopmail.so. So I guess you haven't altered
> vusaged's Makefile...

Could be the case.  I will look into this.

> I've included a patch that solves (i.e. uses the new quota_* functions)
> at least get_user_size and get_domain_size inside vpopmail's daemon.

I appreciate this, but the maildirquota.c functions have been updated
to use the vusage daemon.  They report their use because the functions
should no longer be called.

> I think this behavior is caused by the fact that I have a symbolic link
> inside each user directory that is using (Binc)IMAP. (Like
> /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com/user/Maildir/INBOX points to
> /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com/user/Maildir). And since all
> functions inside vusaged use stat(2) calls, no symlinks are discovered.
> I'm guessing this is resulting in some kind of a loop.

Hmm.  Well, it's certainly possible.  As you suspect, I don't believe the usage
daemon tests for symbolic links.

> And can you perhaps explain a little how the daemon globally works, it
> caches all directories together with some timestamps (last check + last
> modify time), however, what triggers the system to recheck everything,
> etc. etc.

The "Polling::Directory minimum poll time" configuration determines how often
it polls individual directories (with some limitations).

> And what exactly is the age configuration option for the daemon?

This configuration basically says that if a directory takes a long time to poll,
we artificially adjust it's next update time.  The 'factor' is a multiplicative
of how long it took.

So, if a directory has 250,000 emails in it, and it took 3 minutes to poll it,
we don't want to poll that directory very often because what are the chances
someone is going to clean it out in the next poll time?
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