Rick Macdougall wrote:
James Cox wrote:

On 10 Jun 2009, at 14:26, Rick Macdougall wrote:

James Cox wrote:
I've had it running for a few hours, and have this:
     1 CHKUSER rejected relaying
     5 CHKUSER accepted any rcpt
    28 CHKUSER relaying rcpt
   362 CHKUSER accepted rcpt
  1719 CHKUSER rejected rcpt
  1758 CHKUSER accepted sender
and... in my defines...
neither of those two are enabled.
version 2.0.9 for me.

What version of SMTP AUTH are you using ?

I know there is a version out there that causes the exact problem you are seeing, although to my knowledge it hasn't been seen in years.

yeah, i saw that patch. but i am using the current version (i think?) 0.31


Don't know what that patch is or does.

I use Bill Shupp's toaster (http://www.shupp.org/toaster/) which uses the following

smtp-auth patch v. 0.5.7 by Erwin Hoffmann




Yup, I'm pretty sure your 0.31 patch is the culprit.

-- quote --

now mostly superseded with Krysztof Dabrowski's (and Eric M. Johnston) qmail-smtpd-auth-0.31 patch to include support for CRAM-MD5 with an additional cmd5checkpw PAM. Unfortunately, though wide-spread, Krysztof Dabrowski's SMTP-Auth patch breaks the checkpassword interface for CRAM-MD5. Instead of transmitting the sequence 'userid\0password\0challenge\0' it uses 'userid\0challenge\0password\0'.

*** Another obstacle is to close (like 'qmail-popup') unnecessarily file descriptor 2 (FD 2). This inhibits a common logging to STDERR. ***

Also, the unconditional close of FD 3 (to provide the AUTH information to the PAM) conflicts with reading control/morercpthosts.cdb. Further, there are some problems decoding BASE64.

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