Good morning all,

I have installed Vpopmail 5.4.28 on a few production mail servers and noticed a 
problem. As long as vusaged is running, the following error message appears in 
/var/log/qmail/current: "deferral: Aack,_child_crashed._(#4.3.0)" which causes 
all local email to stay in the queue 'forever'. Shutting down the vusage daemon 
has the desired effect that email is being delivered. The message then becomes:

@400000004a6d6b3c347e31bc delivery 951: success: 

This message appears because it cannot connect to the vusage daemon of course. 
But the email is deliverd. Any idea why I get "child crashed" when trying to 
deliver local emails?

- Wouter van der Schagt


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