Hello to everyone in the list.

I have a problem with my qmail server. It is running ok with mail
received and sent, and with the multiple virtual domains, but since
monday, it doesn't let me create new accounts. It doesn't let me delete
accounts either, and previously, I could do all this without problems. 

The error that I get is:

server# /var/vpopmail/bin/vadduser u...@domain password
Error: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)
Failed while attempting to add user to auth backend
Error: no authentication database connection

I believe I haven't installed new software that can be causing this.
There is an openldap server but was installed and running before I
noticed this behavior. Of course, I'm trying to execute this command as
The owner of qmail files is "vpopmail" who belongs to the group

Honestly, I don't know which could be causing the problem. I've checked
permissions and owners, and make sure that there is enough space
available on disk. I've been told that this is a problem related to
"vpopmail" not "qmail".

¿Any ideas?



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