I am not using vpopmail with ldap, but i am using it with mysql. I would like 
to suggest you one thing instead of using 

~vpopmail/bin/vchangepw u...@domain.com

you can try 

~vpopmail/bin/vpasswd  u...@domain.com  newpassword

As you said, there is no problem while creating your domain and user, means 
everything should be ok with  your ldap configuration.

With Regards

--- On Mon, 10/8/09, Sreedevi <devi_sr...@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Sreedevi <devi_sr...@yahoo.com>
Subject: [vchkpw] problem with vpopmail and ldap.
To: vchkpw@inter7.com
Date: Monday, 10 August, 2009, 4:44 PM

Hi Friends,

I am using Vpop mail (vpopmail-5.4.9) with ldap (openldap-2.3.27-8). 

Once the installation is done .. I got the following error while adding the 

additional info: object class 'qmailUser' requires attribute 'sn'

I could get over this by changing MUST attribute to sn and cn in core.schema to 

I could successfully add the domain and users now.

But while changing the password with the command I am getting the following 
error and could not get any solution in google too ... Please help me in this

~vpopmail/bin/vchangepw u...@domain.com


Please enter the email address: user
Enter old password:
Error: Invalid DN syntax (34)
        additional info: invalid DN
Please enter password for user:
enter password again:
Passwords do not match, try again
Please enter password foruser:
enter password again:
 Invalid DN syntax (34)
        additional info: invalid DN
Error: Illegal username


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