Thanks for the reply.
I have installed with make && make install-strip
I can confirm the permissions on vchkpw
The results of the strace appear to be adding to cdb database
I dont have any errors in the logs, although logging was enabled at compile time.


./configure \
 --disable-roaming-users \
 --enable-logging=p \
 --disable-passwd \
 --enable-clear-passwd \
 --disable-domain-quotas \
 --enable-auth-module=mysql \
 --enable-incdir=/usr/include/mysql/ \
 --enable-libdir=/usr/lib/ \
 --enable-auth-logging \
 --enable-sql-logging \
 --enable-valias \
 --disable-mysql-limits \

make install-strip

Can you copy and paste the result of that configuration? The last summary lines?

- Wouter van der Schagt


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