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I wanted to give a heads up to people running the 5.5 branch, or to people 
interested in trying it out that
I've added what we're calling 'mailbox groups' to the 5.5 branch.

Mailbox groups allow you to give an account the ability to add a number of new 
accounts that it owns.
This is primarily used by a qmailadmin patch I will be adding for the new 
qmailadmin branch that will
depend on the 5.5 branch, but it also has a command-line component used for 
backend administration.

The short description of the feature is that you can give an account to a user 
of your service, and give them
the ability to admin a number of other accounts of their creating within 
qmailadmin.  So, an account owner,
for instance, could give each of their children an email account, and manage 
only those accounts within
qmailadmin (or any other interface using the API), without being a domain 

A couple notes:
    * This feature works independently of vlimits
    * This code has been in production for several years under heavy use but 
the the code was written for
      an older version of vpopmail

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