And since no one else has mentioned this...some of us don't use /etc/passwd for 
authentication. So searching /etc/passwd would not work anyway. Isn't there a C 
function call to check user/group id? Or at least a universal alternative...


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Itamar Reis Peixoto wrote:
> currently vpopmail user and vchkpw group's need's to be created before
> running ./configure.
> this is not good for packaging it as rpm, because in rpm the user and
> group are created in %post section (after vpopmail installed)

I'm pretty sure there are RPMs that handle this situation already.  How
do they do it?

> any chance to improve this with automatic detection uid and gid using
> getpwnam function ?

I'm not sure if this would be considered an improvement.  Parsing /etc/passwd
every time a vpopmail binary is invoked could be expensive on some systems.

I'm looking at adding a configuration file to vpopmail for the 5.5 branch that
will contain all the stuff that usually you have to set at configure time.  The
UID/GID would be contained here as well, but that's not currently available.
Just an OT about the config: It will be compiled so as to be very quick to load.

Thoughts anyone?
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