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> Karpaha Vinayaham wrote:
>> Hi
>> If anyone know how to tap  the bounce  message please share it, i am
>> interested in analysing my bounce messages.
> qtap does not distinguish between message types.  It's just a patch to
> qmail-queue, and so, it doesn't have a way to tell the difference between
> a bounce message and any other message.
> What you need is a message classification program.
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Alternately, you can use the BOUNCEQUEUE patch from qmail.org on your main
qmail instance, and then set up a secondary qmail instance that taps
everything, and set the BOUNCEQUEUE environment variable to that second
(tapped) instances qmail-queue.  You'll need 2 different qmail-homes, as
various pathings are hardcoded at compile time, but it will do what you

I've got something similar going on where I have an 'in' and an 'out'
instance of qmail on a gateway box, and the BOUNCEQUEUE for each is set to
the opposite queue.  I also have a homemade filter program in place that
drops spam bounces that were rejected by the main server (M$ Exchange IMF)
but have faked sender addresses and would bounce back in as a joe-job, but
I don't recommend that piece as it's a direct RFC violation :)


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