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I've tagged 5.4.28 as a version in the Subversion repository, and moved 5.4.28 
to the stable
area on SourceForge.  I will also be doing some additional cleanup of the file 
repository on

Additionally, 5.5.0 has become the new development version, and the branch has 
been merged
into the trunk.

Any new feature requests, or patches, should be against the trunk, which is 
5.5.0-devel.  If
you are unfamiliar with the changes in 5.5.0, please be sure to check the 
ChangeLog before
submitting tracker items.

If you'd like to assist with the development of 5.5.0, here are the big items 
that I'm looking to have
complete for a 5.5.0 stable:

    1) FHS-style pathing fixes in the configure scripts

       vpopmail has traditionally expected to reside in the vpopmail user's 
home directory.
       This must continue to work, but we must also support FHS pathing.  This 
is already
       laid out in the configure script, but there's some path selection issues 
related to
       tcp.smtp, etc, that need to be worked out.

    2) Updated LDAP support

       The LDAP module is sorely old.  This is a big release, and so, this is 
the best time
       to make a change that fixes the schema, and updates the code.  Inter7 
applied for,
       and received a PEN from IANA to assign OIDs with.

       We have assigned OIDs for valias, which you can find already in the LDAP 
       and I'm in the process of assigning OIDs for the new LDAP schema.  I'm 
currently looking
       at keeping the same directory layout, but with new schema, and an 
updated codebase,
       but I'm willing to hear from LDAP gurus about any suggested changes.

    3) Anything else?

       As I said above, I'm happy to hear about suggested changes and 
additions.  vpopmail was
       built by the community.
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