Hello fellow qmail enthusiasts,

While preparing for a new mail server installation some questions have surfaced.
The intent is to use:
- smtp authentication to allow roaming users to relay mail
- chkuser to validate recipient existence and reject messages before they are sent - simscan to process messages through clamav and spamassassin while they are being transfered All of these require qmail to be patched several times, and probably in a certain order. The documentations for the above refer to patching netqmail-1.05, but usually they don't take into account the other patches. So, while they might apply cleanly to netqmail, combined they can't be applied automatically and some source editing is required. Meanwhile, netqmail-1.06 seems to be the current version and the CHANGES file doesn't list the additions from 1.05 except the legal changes.

So my question is this: in which order must the following patches be applied to netqmail-1.06?
- qmailqueue
- qmail-maildir++
- chkuser
- qmail-queue-custom-error
- qmail-smtpd-auth
Have any of these been integrated into netqmail-1.06, thus not needing patching anymore?

Vpopmail has to be installed before any patching is done to qmail or installing simscan, right?




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