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Our setup is spreaded on many servers (think 20), with the mail stored on
an NFS share (NetApp).
The vusage daemon is written with this in mind, though it's more efficient
to have it run on the device providing storage so that it isn't doing disk
polling over a network connection.

Ok, I can undestand that.

The vusage daemon accepts connections from an allowed list of IPs for usage
queries so that it can be used in a cluster efficiently.

Right now the various tool all use the maildirsize file (Maildir++ I
think it's called) to track the usage, updating this as they put/fetch
the email.
Correct.  vusaged supports Maildir++, and at this time, ignores maildirsize
because it's redundant, and inefficient means of calculating storage.

Later, vusaged will be updated to re-write maildirsize.  It's currently set
to be in addition to existing quota monitoring systems, with a greater
efficiency, as to deprecate other quota configuration systems, but it
should not interfere or cause number variances.

Is vusaged supposed to work in a similar setup ? I'd have to integrate it
with maildrop, dovecot and a couple of perl scripts.
That depends upon a great many things, such as, what is checking quotas,
and when.  In general, if the daemon is running, and it does not have to
be, both Maildir++ quotas, and vpopmail's vusage style of quota checking
should work fine at the same time.

If vusaged is not running, Maildir++ quotas should continue to work.

Ok, but how can be syncronized the two vision of the quota, if only vpopmail uses vusaged ? I think that there can be only two cases 1) all tools use vusaged or 2) all tools use traditional Maildir++ quota.

In any other combination, the two vision of the real maildir quota will go quickly out of sync.

Besides vpopmail, there are a lot of other important tools (like dovecot for example) which as far as I know are not using vpopmail, and rely on Maildirs.

When the old domain quota code was going to be released, I told (against the mainstream) the code was bad for this reason, not being compatible with the rest of the world. Code was cut after some years of demostrated incompatibility.
I hope the same error is not replicated again.

I've looked the code and found that there were no option to disable the
Turn off their quota and the vusage daemon shouldn't be looked at.  If
that isn't what's happening, then that is the bug.
No, I want to use the quota, but with the old method, looking at the
maildirsize file. That's missing (if I've understood the code).
In 5.4.28, if the vusage daemon is not running, traditional Maildir++ quota
checking is done.

Yes, and this works, but it generate an error message each time the daemon is searched for. For a normal deliver, that means at least 3 error messages on the log file. And 3 attempts to open the socket. I think it's more efficent, and cleaner, to check if one wants to disable the daemon, adding a line in the config file. My patch just do that.

I did not imagine vusaged was so intrusive!
Is should be completely disabled if not needed.


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