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Tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
> Besides vpopmail, there are a lot of other important tools (like dovecot
> for example) which as far as I know are not using vpopmail, and rely on
> Maildirs.
> When the old domain quota code was going to be released,  I told
> (against the mainstream) the code was bad for this reason, not being
> compatible with the rest of the world. Code was cut after some years of
> demostrated incompatibility.
> I hope the same error is not replicated again.

I'm not sure what you're referring to.  vpopmail needs a way to determine if
a user is over quota, and it needs a way to do this efficiently.  The old
quota code utilized maildirsize in part, but it's value calculations were
off, and the integer size was too small.

Updating this to work correctly is 'against mainstream'?  Please explain.

> I did not imagine vusaged was so intrusive!
> Is should be completely disabled if not needed.

It's not intrusive.  It's just an fprintf reporting that it cannot talk
to the daemon.  Keeping the fprintfs in may have made some people feel as
if something was broken, or that their logs were being cluttered, and I can
understand that.

The solution here is to just remove the fprintfs.
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