Matt Brookings schrieb:
>> first i copied the old bin-dir from .17 to /var/vpopmail, but after some 
>> debugging, i found out,
>> that i have to create a vusagec.conf. this file was not included in the dl 
>> from sf, only
>> vusaged.conf, but i found it in 5.4.24-rc1.tgz.
>> after i created this file i got this:
>> 2009-09-07 02:24:52.042293500 delivery 5596: failure:
>> Message_rejected._Not_enough_storage_space_in_user's_mailbox_to_accept_message.//
> The problem I'm having here, is that this is not a vpopmail error message.  
> Is it possible that a patch
> to qmail is producing this?
i think this msg is from .over-quota.msg

hostname:/var/vpopmail/domains# more .over-quota.msg
Message rejected. Not enough storage space in user's mailbox to accept message.

but my qmail is patched with
> Can you provide the entire delivery log for this message?
>> another problem was to compile vusaged:
>> i had to add this option " --with-vpopmail=/var/vpopmail", then all checks 
>> got yes and i was able to
>> compile. a small note would be great :-)
> What did it say when you didn't provide this?
these are the last entries:
checking for ev.h... yes
checking for ev_loop_new in -lev... yes
checking vpopmail.h usability... yes
checking vpopmail.h presence... yes
checking for vpopmail.h... yes
checking vauth.h usability... yes
checking vauth.h presence... yes
checking for vauth.h... yes
checking for vauth_getpw in -lvpopmail... no
checking for vauth_getall in -lvpopmail... no
checking for get_domain_entries in -lvpopmail... no
checking for client_query_quick in -lvpopmail... no
configure: error: No vauth_getpw in libvpopmail

>> one big problem is still left, if i try to run vchkpw, i get a segfault
> This is indeed a very big problem, and I'd like to resolve this for 5.4.29.  
> Is it possible
> for you to contact me off-list and give me access to this system so I can 
> debug this particular
> problem?
unfortunately not, as this is a productive server, but i will help you where i 

regards Jonathan


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