If you are a linux user just take a look at the processes and load on server by using the command "top" during the known peak hours of operating. Look for spawned processes using lots of cpu.

Eric Shubert wrote:
If the server isn't receiving them twice, then I'd look at the possibility of them being pop'd twice somehow. I don't know how that might happen (all of my Outlook clients are using IMAP). I presume your customers are using pop3.

Bulend Kolay wrote:
I checked smtp logs for these mails.
But I couldn't see any duplicated mail.

What else may the problem be ?

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Bulend Kolay wrote:
I use vpopmail on qmail.

I have many customer domains on that mail server.
One of these customer domains tells me that, they rarely receive the same mail a few times. That problem becomes nearly once a week for this customer.
I haven't any complain from my other customers.
They use outlook or o.express for their mails.
What may the problem be ?

Do I have to change my configuration ?

This can be caused by the load on your server. Sometimes a long scan time will cause the sending server to time out before the scan is complete and your server acknowledges receipt. The sending server then obligingly resends. Check the smtp logs for the corresponding duplicate email. You'll see 2 receipts for it if this is what's happening.

-Eric 'shubes'


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