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Ro Achterberg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using the vpopmail MySQL module to manage my domains and to provide
> an authorization backend for courier-imapd's authdaemon (among other
> things). However, it seems that since the MySQL module (vmysql.c +
> vmysql.h) doesn't bother registering the Maildir domain's uid and gid
> (thereby storing them with a default value of 0), courier-imap runs into
> problems when trying to authenticate a user, since I have it run as a
> non-root user.
> Basically what happens is that courier-imap is unable to setgid() from
> 'root', since that's what it's reading from the SQL table, that the
> MySQL module had created. Am I missing a configuration parameter
> somewhere, or could this be considered a bug? Any insights would be
> greatly appreciated.

Ro, Courier-MTA has dropped all support for vpopmail, and as such,
vpopmail has dropped all support for Courier-MTA, and it's various
parts such as Courier-IMAP.

This isn't really considered a bug because this worked in the past, but
they simply chose to take a stance of non-support.  I saw that you sent
me a patch that allows authentication to work, but the uid/gid fields
in vpopmail are not used as named.  The fields are called that so that
implementors realize it's authentication scheme is based on the Unix-based
passwd system calls.  The fields are actually used to store user flags.

Most people using qmail/vpopmail installations have moved to Dovecot for
IMAP, and some other services as well.  Most would tell you that Dovecot
is a superior IMAP server too.  Moving to Dovecot from Courier-IMAP is
*easy as can be*.
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