Thanks for the reply, Shane.

Yes, roaming users is a POP-before-SMTP scheme that is supposed to write the
IP address of the authenticated user to /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp, thus
explicitly allowing mail coming from that IP to be relayed.  A cronjob
removes the entry after a set period of time, taking relay permission away
from the dynamic IP address.

Hmm, good tip regarding the username being the full e-mail address, that's
something I missed.

OK... in the e-mail client on my laptop, I've re-enabled SMTP-AUTH and
changed the username to my e-mail address.  Now I get "535 refused.
Authentication failed."  My /var/log/maillog shows the same error as when I
tried SMTP-AUTH before, only with my full e-mail address instead of just my
username:  "vchkpw-smtp: system user shadow entry not found [my e-mail
address] [my laptop's IP address]"

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 1:38 AM, Shane Chrisp <> wrote:

> <>
> When using SMTP-AUTH, you username will be your full email address if its a
> virtual domain. Your better off sticking to smtp-auth rather than roaming
> users, which is pop-before-smtp unless things have changed that im not aware
> of.


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