Roberto wrote:
Hi everyone. I'm not sure if this is a vpopmail or a dovecot issue.

When I browse the ~vpopmail/domains/mydomain/ dir I see that a subfolder named "0" contains part of the accounts. And the pw_dir of the newly created accounts is placed in that directory. I can retrieve the messages via pop3 but not via imap/webmail because the messages are checked in the upper dir.

Trying to be more specific, if "bob" is the pw_name and ~vpopmail/domains/mydomain/0/bob is the pw_dir, when bob connects via webmail/imap a dir ~vpopmail/domains/mydomain/bob (not in the 0/ subdir) is created and he cannot retrieve his message.

Can you tell me the reason of that 0/ subdir? Is it normal?

Here is my config:
netqmail 1.05
vpopmail 5.4.25
dovecot 1.2.2
webmail: roundcube 0.3


Most likely a problem with dovecot as it would be the one creating those directories. How ever we don't know if it's a bug in Dovecot or a problem with your configuration.

I looked through all the change logs of Dovecot 1.2.3 till 1.2.7 and didn't see any mention of a fix.

Could you post your Dovecot config file to a pastie site (like and give us the url so we can take a look ?




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