Michael Mussulis wrote:
It looks like I am talking partly nonsense, apologies for that. I've had another stab at the code, and it looks like the sql insert command statement has gid hardcoded to '0', and uid is the 'apop' value - which from what I gather (correct me if I am wrong), only works in clear text mode. So since I've disabled clear text, I am assuming the value is truncated to '0'; which makes me wonder - is this by design?

Also, if I am not wrong (and would appreciate confirmation), these values have no baring on vdelivermail - although I found they are critical for Dovecot IMAP authentication.

Which brings me back to the question - what purpose do they serve in the first place?

So I am back to square one. I still have no clu e which permission is affecting the delivery of mail for user specified domain. Please someone, any ideas where else I could look?



You might try installing qmail-toaster (http://qmailtoaster.com) and seeing how it's done there. Several folks have successfully installed dovecot with QMT as well, although I believe that these were not with dovecot's LDA (deliver).

-Eric 'shubes'


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