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In the Subversion repository, under the branches directory, you will find a 
branch called '5.5.0-matt-vusage'.
This branch contains quite a few changes to the vusage daemon.  Most notably it 
saves a complete copy of it's
cache to disk at shutdown, and reads this cache at startup for instant startup 
where it left off.

As far as I can tell everything looks good.  I was hoping a few people wouldn't 
mind bashing their keys on this
to see if they find any problems.

If you do decide to test this code out, do not 'make install'.  After building, 
in the '5.5.0-matt-vusage/vusaged'
directory, as root run: ./vusaged etc/vusaged.conf.  You may want to edit 
etc/vusaged.conf before doing this :)
Notice the 'Storage::Filename' configuration at the bottom.  This is the file 
it will read and write.  If you
delete the cache file it will start up as normal.

Let me know if you do muck around with it.
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